Aegean Business Lounge / K-Studio

Aegean Business Lounge / K-Studio



Architects: K-Studio

Area :

1250 m²

Year :


Manufacturers :  Havwoods, Linea Light Group, Vagenas, 12 Concept, Apostolakos Petros & Giannopoulos Mpampis, Epigramma, Epiplo Papazoglou, Giorgos Laios, Materials Ark, Myran - Scandinavian Design, PanGlass, Panagiotopoulos Michalis, Santaltzis Epiplo, Solid Solution

Project Management : Basil

Quantity Surveyor : NIKOS BON & PARTNERS

Mechanical Engineer : Tekem

Lighting Designer : L+DG - lighting architects

Sound Consultant : Dr.G.Schubert - Acoustical Consultants

Planting Consultant : GreenWays Landscape Architecture

Electrician : Paschalis Thanos (+ crew)

Furniture : Diedron

Design Team : Michalis Skitsas, Artemis Merkourea, Katerina Saraptzian, Arianna Mechili, Christos Papachristodoulou, Eleni Aroni, Vasiliki Dimou, Glykeria Gkougkoudi, Mariliza Sfakianoudi, Nikol Gkoka

Fire Protection Consultant : Tasos Pyrgiotis

Audiovisual Consultant : Telmaco

Kitchen Consultant : XENEX

Main Contractor  : Doriki Techniki SA

Metalworks : Lampiris Giorgos

City : Anatoliki Attiki

Country : Greece

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Text description provided by the architects. The new venue of Aegean Airlines was conceived drawing inspiration from the humble sculptural folk architecture of the Cyclades, reflecting on the cutting edge technology of airplanes, and was crowned with a sense of comfort, as originally seen in the air traveling the world. Curved, soft edges and shapes of flow interpreted in the deep Aegean sea blue convey the aesthetics and the dynamic of technology, borrowed from the culture of air traveling.

Anodised inox as a primary material brought the two worlds of aeronautical design and fluid-form architecture together: the cutting-edge technology is infused with the symbolic dimension of the deep Aegean blue. Curved panel segments create a consistent continuous envelope for the entire lounge, while a deep white aluminum-louver ceiling crowns it with equally complex geometry.

Beyond the compositional harmony of its design, this ceiling also contributes functionally to the zoning and acoustic comfort of the space, thus reinforcing the sense of tranquility and relaxation in the lounge, simulating the sensation of flying over the clouds. It also practically embodies all the necessary mechanical equipment, without disrupting the visual impact of the composition. Tinted blue glass also joins the palette, in order to embrace all tech features such as screens, in a fully contemporary aesthetic approach.

The selection of furniture brings an extra layer of comfort and domesticity, with craftsmanship and well-madness embracing the passengers for a high-end hospitality experience. Fine details, craftsmanship, and elegance resonate with the design ethos of Aegean Airlines in offering its passengers a quality experience, to complement its new identity.