Casa 212 by NEBR Arquitetura

Casa 212 by NEBR Arquitetura

Casa 212 is a modern private house located in Gravatá, Brazil, designed in 2022 by NEBR Arquitetura.


From the rocky soil of the agreste, Of the Pernambuco countryside, Hard, firm and flat, For good architecture in the Northeast.

The country house sprouts on the rocks, In undulating green lands, It spreads out through the farm, A white and modulated construction.

In the poetry of the rectilinear outcropping, Everything rises and leads to nature. Edges, volumes, and overhangs, Point out certain advances.

Marquees, trimmings, and contours, Run through spans in a finite course. Brick, iron and concrete, In balance in this monolith.

Between meetings and mismatches, The house takes shape. Between cuts and clippings, The landscape conforms itself.

The straight line that frames, Frames visions, sculpts scenes. It overflows spaces, And overflows into so many rooms.

In the active manifest of the planes, Everything the straight line leads. Strong, rough, and light, Everything is shadow, everything is light.

Photography courtesy of NEBR Arquitetura

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- by Matt Watts